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LugnutLumpy and BumpyLumpy and Bumpy finish first in the 2009 EC
SandyBottom & DancesWithSandyBottomAllPhotos taken during the award ceremony.
SandyBottomAllPhotos taken during the Everglades Challenge
NiteSongAllPhotos taken mostly by NiteSong during the EC2009
KneadingWaterAllPhotos of the Everglades Challenge 2009
KiwiBirdAllPhotos of the Everglades Challenge 2009
PenguinManAllSlides taken at the start and sailing
RidgeRunnerAllSlides taken at Grande Tours and Chokoloskee
SaltyFrogSaltyFrogIn Florida Bay with about 30 miles to go.
AmyAllSlide show from the start of EC2009
PelicanEgretSailing with broken steering cable, Egret steers with paddle.
OceanDivaAllSlide Show
OceanDivaGrande ToursFixing the boat
OceanDivaNatureCallsFast moving NatureCalls in double kayak with Balogh rig.
OceanDivaPenguinManA hole in the boat is discovered!
OceanDivaPenguinManSailing 1
SaltyFrogSaltyFrogSaltyFrog at sunup.
SaltyFrogSaltyFrogSaltyFrog making good time.
ChiefPelican and EgretPelican an Egret launch their Hobie AI
SewSewSewSewSewSew sailing Scissors
ChiefAllThe INSOMNIACS launch and get caught in one of our "filters."
ChiefAllAlmost all boats are in the water and on the way
ChiefAllThe Launch !!!
ChiefAll2 Minutes to Launch
ChiefAllWalking the east end of the line minutes before the start
ChiefAllWalking the west end of the line minutes before the start
RidgerunnerAllStart Photos
LugnutStartThe start of the 2009 Everglades Challenge

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