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Thread: Tip of the Mitt - for "Manly Men" & "Womenly Women!"
BlackSunFriday, April 01, 2011, 6:31:00 PM
Category: General Comment  Keyword:
The Tip of the Mitt Adventure is only 2-1/2 months away - Launches 6/18 in Oscoda, MI on Lake Huron and finishes in Manistee, MI - Blue water route . . . cross country route . . . full distance and half distance routes.

Go to: for more info such as:
  • All freshwater!  Your S/S knives won't corrode
  • Lake Huron & Lake Michigan is akin to paddling or sailing on a mill pond - the river route across the lower peninsula is all downstream with hamburger stands and cold beer every twenty miles along the right hand bank - April Fool's!!!
  • To participate you must agree to navigate a labyrinth of rules or guidelines . . . all twelve of them, such as - you must use a boat, no swimming allowed!
  • Virus-free phpBB discussion forum can be found at website until such time that the viral leviathan couch potatoes figure out how to hack it
  • Participant friendly registration fee
Join the ranks of other legendary blue water finishers such as the Chief, Pelican, KneadingWater, SaltyFrog, VanMan & Draco, Wizard and CrazyRussian and other non-finishers, quitters, wannabes, and bilgewater like BlackSun  :>)  For those paddling and/or going across the lower peninsula of Michigan, paddle with paddling legends ManitouCruiser, Danimal, CWolfe, Waimanu and Sandy Krueger.

My guess, and that's all it is . . . there will be a bunch of familiar faces on the beach facing the rising sun over Lake Huron on Saturday morning - June 18th.  Hope to see many of you there.


Thread: Tip of the Mitt - for "Manly Men" & "Womenly Women!"
TurtleActive link
Saturday, April 02, 2011, 4:07:00 PM
Category: General Comment  Keyword:
Sorry I can't make it.  But I'm reposting the link so that it is active and others can check it out more easily.

Good luck to all 'tribers and others in this event!


PS - Note to Chief - when I pasted the URL into the box to make this an active link it converted the address to something else - there may be an infection in that part of the code as well.  Good luck hunting down whatever is ailing the site.
Sunday, April 03, 2011, 11:53:00 PM
Category: General Comment  Keyword:

I really want to meet you Black Sun.  I do hope you are at the tip of the mitt even though it is not a Watertribe event somewhere along my route. Give me your real name so I can find you.


BlackSuntip of the Mitt - for "Manly Men" & "Womenly Women!"
Monday, April 04, 2011, 7:38:00 AM
Category: General Comment  Keyword:

I'll be there. We'll see one another, but don't know where.

You and I "chimed" in about the same time when the event was first posted on the forum as a WT event (Michigan Challenge).  I'm near the top of the roster

I missed you on the roster 'cause I was looking for a Kruger and your name . . . it didn't occur to me you were in the war canoe with Kap.

Grant (aka BlackSun)
BlackSunThere's always the tip of the mitt - June 18th
Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 4:15:00 PM
Category: General Comment  Keyword:
For those who were planning on an expedition event in early June and are disappointed with the cancellation of the CFC . . . there is still the Tip of the Mitt Aventure that launches June 18th in Oscoda, MI.  If you enjoy portaging . . . there are a few portages to provide some distraction from day-in-day-out paddling.  If it's big water your seeking . . . there's over 300 miles of it with some of the finest scenery around.  Don't pay any attention to what WhiteCaps has to say about paddling the Great Lakes excepting that the water is a bit "coolish" . . . and whatever you do, don't waste your time looking for his sand dunes on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  The real dunes are up on Lake Michigan. Unlike anything you've ever seen.

Everyone I saw on the UFC 2012 roster is already pre-qualified and the Chief has additonally agreed to waive the CFC as a pre-requisite for Spidennis's participation in the UFC 2012. However, if there are others out here who seeking a race that would qualify you for  the UFC . . . contact the Chief off forum and ask him if completion of the Tip of the Mitt will serve as a qualifier.  It's a tough event . . . tougher than the EC, and the Chief's done it . . . he knows.

For more info, go to:

BlackSun (aka Gregg)


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