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Everglades Challenge
Sea Kayaks, Canoes & Small Boats


The next Everglades Challenge is March 1-9, 2008. There is an equipment inspection Friday, February 29, 2008. Cost is $350 for a solo entry and $700 for a double.

All WaterTribe events are dangerous events as defined by Florida law and common sense.  You are responsible for your own safety.  You must read and understand the warning before you register for this event.

The Everglades Challenge is an unsupported, expedition style adventure race for kayaks, canoes, and small boats.  The distance is roughly 300 nautical miles depending on your course selection.  There is a time limit of 8 days or less.  Your safety and well being are completely up to you. 

Unsupported means that there are no safety boats or support crews to help you during the race.  You are not allowed to have a support crew follow you or meet you during the race.  It is OK to have family or friends meet you at the official checkpoints, but they cannot provide anything other than emotional support.  See the official WaterTribe rules for more details.

Expedition style means that you must carry the same type of equipment and supplies that you would carry on a major expedition lasting 4 weeks or more.  Camping equipment, food, water, safety, communication, etc. is required.  See the official required equipment list for more details.

Although this is a race, many participants are more interesting in cruising and adventure.  Whether you are a cruiser or racer is up to you.  Just getting to the starting line is a major accomplishment and only about 40% of starters are able to finish.  You should be an expert kayaker and/or sailor before you consider this challenge. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  As of EC2008 the required finish time for CP1 is noon on Sunday.  This finish time applies to UM and EC participants.

The Everglades Challenge follows the SW Florida coast line from Fort Desoto in Tampa Bay, Florida to Key Largo.  You will enter Everglades National Park near Everglades City and you will be within their boundries until you get near Key Largo.  You must follow all park rules and regulations.  Get a copy of their guidelines by calling 305-242-7700.

Note that the WaterTribe Marathon runs concurrently with the Everglades Challenge.  The schedule mentions both races.

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