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Point Series - Tampa Bay 2006

The weather was perfect and the challengers were in good spirits for launch.  Everyone got off without a hitch with two going for the 15 mile loop and eveyone else doing the 25 miler.  Frogy130 and CatLady chose the Rattlesnake Key route and the rest did the open route.  All the 25 milers got hit with a fairly strong tide on the final leg back to the launch beach.

Challenger Course Time Bonus Points Total Points
SaltyFrog 25-Mile Open 5 hours, 9 min 8 33
SoreShoulders 25-Mile Open 5 hours, 17 min 4 29
CatLady 25-Mile Rattlesnake 6 hours, 31 min 2 27
Frogy130 25-Mile Rattlesnake 6 hours, 31 min 2 27
Makai 25-Mile Open 6 hours, 53 min 25
Pelican 25-Mile Open 7 hours, 50 min 25
RowABrick * 25-Mile Open 8 hours, 41 min 25
FLSail 25-Mile Open 8 hours, 50 min 25
NoName 15-Mile 3 hours, 28 min 15
Whale 15-Mile 4 hours, 1 min 15
* RowABrick earned the True Grit award for this race.  While sailing along with several miles to go his forestay broke and the mast came down on his head.  Instead of giving up and taking any of the several offers to tow him back he pressed on and finished the last mile or so by trudging along the Mullet Key beach towing his boat to the finish line.  Rumor has it he did not want to give up the 25 points :)

Makai Finish

Whale Finish

Whale Reward

SaltyFrog Finish

SaltyFrog Reward

SoreShoulders Finish

SoreShoulders Reward

Frogy130, CatLady Finish

Makai Finish

Makai Light Boat

Pelican Finish

RowABrick Finish

FLSail Finish

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