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Ultimate Florida Challenge
Sea Kayaks, Canoes & Small Boats


WaterTribe reserves the right to cancel any event at any time for any reason or no reason.  If WaterTribe decided an event must be canceled, all entrance fees will be refunded. 

WaterTribe is under no obligation to anyone unless there is a specific, written contract with WaterTribe.  No Challenger may make any verbal or implied contracts on behalf of WaterTribe.

The Prime Directive:  All rules are subject to interpretation by the onsite race manager and/or Chief.

All standard WaterTribe rules used for the Everglades Challenge apply to the Ultimate Florida Challenge except as modified or extended here.

All boats participating in the Ultimate Florida Challenge must be portaged from St. George to Fargo. 

  1. No challenger may begin the next stage unless they are fully rested, alert, and able to safely continue.  This determination is the responsibility of the challenger.  Race officials are not responsible for making this decision.  However, a race official may delay the departure of any challenger for any reason without assuming responsibility for future decisions to leave.
  2. Challengers may receive assistance from race officials for purposes of resupply, repair, etc. at stage points.  Although race officials will try to render such assistance ASAP, no guarantee of timeliness should be assumed.
  3. No caching of supplies is allowed.
  4. Assistance between stage points is handled the same as the Everglades Challenge - no assistance is allowed.  But this is modified to allow delivering of photos and video clips to race officials.  Race officials may also assist in recharging cameras if necessary.
  5. Challengers my use boat carts, bikes, and/or walking shoes to do the portage between St. George and Fargo.  Inline skates or any other form of transport are not allowed.  Sailing equipment may not be used on the portage.  All challengers must do this portage. 
  6. All portage equipment must be carried for the entire Ultimate Florida Challenge.
  7. Any challenger doing the portage at night must be clearly visible from the front, rear, and sides.   Any challenger not clearly visible will be immediately disqualified.
  8. Stage points are handled just like Key Largo in terms of family and friends being there to greet you and offer moral support.  However, unlike Key Largo they are not allowed to deliver supplies, run errands, or help you in any material way. 

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