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Ultimate Florida Challenge
Sea Kayaks, Canoes & Small Boats

Stage 2
Key Largo to Sebastian Inlet

Hopefully you saved some energy during the Everglades Challenge because now it is time to turn north and make your way from Key Largo to Sebastian Inlet (shown below).  Although there are some "wild" areas in this stage, it is also one of the most populated areas in Florida with more than its share of boat traffic.  Be careful and stay alert. 

This stage is roughly 180 nautical miles.  Since you have proven yourself by finishing the Everglades Challenge and we want to keep the Ultimate Florida Challenge a true expedition-style adventure, there are no checkpoints between Key Largo and Sebastian Inlet.  This lack of checkpoints means that the 24-hour reporting rule is even more important.  Fortunately, cell phone coverage is good over most of this stage.  Also, WaterTribe race management will be happy to meet you at any agreed spot to off-load photos, video, etc.  Note that no aid (unless you are dropping out) can be given at these arranged drop offs.

The lockbox with the official time clock and log sheet will be placed near shelter 2 at the tip of the spit on the south side of the inlet on the inside of the barrier island.  If you approach from the inside waterway, you will run right into the landing beach.  If you approach from outside, you will make a left turn thru 270 degrees to hit the beach.  I don't recommend landing on the inlet side of the spit but it is possible although crowded with swimmers and boats.

The exact location of the lockbox is not known and subject to change depending on the whims of the park rangers.  The lat/lon will be made known to you via cell phone during one of your check in calls.

Since we must remain fluid during this challenge, the campsite (if any) for the WaterTribe race management command vehicle will not be known until closer to your actual arrival.  Upon arrival at this checkpoint you must call the reporting number and someone will come down to meet you.  If you have left a cache with us, it will be provided.  You may also get a ride to local stores for re supply, maintenance of equipment, laundry, etc.  Please note that it could take a few hours for someone to meet with you since we may be spread out over distances of a couple of hundred miles.

There may or may not be a campsite that you can use at this checkpoint.  This is an expedition, right?  You have to be flexible and stay loose.  If you are arriving at night, you might want to stealth camp and then land on the beach in the morning. 

Just to the west of the landing beach there is a small boat ramp. 

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