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Ultimate Florida Challenge
Sea Kayaks, Canoes & Small Boats

Stage 5
Cedar Key to Fort Desoto

You made it to the final leg of a very difficult race.  I hope you saved just a bit of energy because you'll need it.  This is the shortest stage of the race, but it's a sprint.

Go, go, go!

Cedar Key is roughly 20 miles south of the mouth of the Suwannee River on Florida's west coast.

The finish of stage 4 and the start of stage 5 will be at Mermaid's Landing.  This is a group of 8 cabins that have been restored but retain their old-time Florida character. 

Rumor has it that Mermaids land here every night at midnight.  They leave just before sunrise.  My guess is that this story originated with a sleep deprived challenger, but you never know.  Maybe we will find out 

Lat/Lon of Beach at the Cedar Key CP

029° 08.56 N
083° 02.04 W

This is the grassy beach to the left of cabin 4 at Mermaid's Landing.  Water can be very shallow at low tide and some would even call it mud.

You might want to consider the tide when deciding what time to start your sprint.

You are almost done with the Toughest Small Boat Race in the World.  On to the finish!

Finish Line at Fort Desoto

There are two landings at Fort Desoto that can be used depending on the weather.  The preferred landing is at the beach on the west side of the second pier as you approach Fort Desoto from the outside.  This is the same beach used to start the Pinellas Challenge.

Lat/Lon of Preferred Landing Beach at Fort Desoto Finish

027° 36.961 N
082° 43.623 W

If the weather is foul, you may also land at the kayak rental place on the inside of Mullet Key.  This spot is also used as the finish for the Pinellas Challenge.

Lat/Lon of Alternate Landing Beach at Fort Desoto Finish

027° 37.022 N
082° 45.765 W

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