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Ultra Marathon
Sea Kayaks, Canoes & Small Boats

Start - Fort Desoto

The race will start in Fort Desoto Park (the link shows a nice bird's eye view of the starting beach) located on Mullet Key in Tampa Bay, Florida.  A large pavilion is reserved for all day Friday.  Boats may assemble on the adjacent beach.   All boats should be left on the beach above the high water mark Friday night. A guard will be posted.  

The pavilion is number 13 at East Beach on the eastern leg of Mullet Key facing south.  There is a very nice beach perfect for launching boats.  There is road access to the beach for sailboats.  See the Chief at the captains meeting for directions 

Friday afternoon there will be a captain and crew meeting which is optional for the Ultra Marathon, but you are welcome to attend.  There will be a short captains meeting for Ultra Marathon participants Saturday morning at 05:00.  Your boat may be inspected for final class determination. 

NOTE:  If you arrive late, you may still participate.  Race officials will be at the starting line for at least one hour after the official start.  As long as you check in with a race official before you launch you can still be in the race.  Your time will not be adjusted.

If you don't want to off load your boat right on the beach (for sailboats), there is a very nice boat ramp on Mullet Key.  After you pass through the toll booth ($0.35 per car + $0.10 per axle) and go over the bridge, the ramp is on your right.  Many cars are parked here for days at a time for extended fishing trips.  This is where you will leave your car and trailer if you don't get someone to drive it down to Key Largo.  The lot is patrolled.  Please note that none of us associated with the race accepts any responsibility for your vehicle or trailer or their contents.

After you launch, you can sail around Mullet Key to the pavilion.  The Lat/Lon of the pavilion and the beach adjacent to it will be provided in due course.

Camping on Mullet Key

There is a very nice campground on Mullet Key.  

  • Sites 1-85 are designed for tent, van, and pop-up campers.

  • Sites 86-233 are designed and equipped to accommodate all camping units

  • All sites have water, electrical hookup ( 30 amps), picnic table, and a charcoal grill

  • Dump stations, restrooms, showers, and laundry are available

  • Many sites are waterfront with room for your kayak or boat in your camp site.

Reservation is VERY limited.  All sites must be reserved in person with cash.  You cannot call on the phone to reserve a site.  Also, you cannot reserve more than 30 days in advance. And as a final attempt to thwart group camping, one person can reserve at most two campsites. SO WE WILL HELP YOU:

  • You will need to provide your own ride from the campground to the launch beach.  Most of the time you can hitch a ride with another challenger.  If you can't find a ride, let someone know at the equipment inspection.

  • You must reserve two nights beginning Friday.

  • The cost is $33.30 per night but is subject to change.  See the latest fee schedule.  This fee is not part of your challenge entrance fee.

  • Up to six people may be in a site but only one tent and two vehicles.

  • I will recruit as many volunteers as we need to go stand in line on Feb. 4 at sunrise to reserve a spot for you.

  • We will do the best we can but there are no guarantees.

  • If for some reason we cannot reserve a site for you, you will get a full refund of your camping fees.

  • Once a reservation has been made for you, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.  The campground won't refund to us either.

  • This is a very nice campground that is in heavy use at this time of year.  Their rules are strict and they don't like big groups.  They throw up these road blocks to make it difficult for a group to get in.  Sorry but it's the only campground that is convenient.

  • Checkout time for your family and friends is 1:00 PM.

  • The order that we receive your check is the order that we will attempt to make reservations.

Sorry, there is no group camp available.  All group activities will take place at the pavilion or at a beach or locations to be announced.


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